How to work with NwaySP

You can work with us in two ways :

In both ways you will enjoy the full range of functionalities of the NwaySP.

FREE : Trial Version

You can download it and use it via this page. The version last version is 5.4.15.

SAAS : Software As A Service

We define which services to launch, at what rhythm with which data . Then, a member of our team will lead you to make description files. They will run on our platform. As a proof of result, we will deliver you all the outputted logs/errors/statistics.

Specific development can be charged if you ask a specific service, with specific interaction with your information service. The pricing will depend on the service, the needed data, the rhythm and the specific required development.

Here is the technical architecture of our platform :

Our Architecture

We have three servers (2 Server holding 4 Virtual Machine each and one Server that is holding the Database and the JMS main Broker) hosted on different providers ( and Amazon EC).

Security is really important for us because all the servers manipulates sensitive information such as passwords, confidential content and so on. Hence, we place a VPN and crypting systems to really insure that no data is lost even if the system was compromised. All our systems are Linux based daily updated.