Free Version

The LIMITED version of NwaySP. You will find :

  • The Engine
  • Embedded Database : H2 (not recommended for production)
  • Test Services
  • Tomcat Server
  • Web Console Administration linked up with the same Embedded Database
  • A Console to manage Active MQ
  • A Console to monitor the status of the Engine
  • Examples of configuration, data and declaration files

The limitation concerns only the number of services that you can run simultaneously.

Download Area

By Downloading our software, you declare that you have read and agreed our License.


DOWNLOAD : sp-distribution-nwaysp-5.4.15.tar.gz (~300 MB)

To know how to install it, please go to Documentation of Installation Page

Old and Nighty Builds Downloads

NwaySP can be downloaded from generated packages :


Here are the list of know issues considering the version : BUG TRACER . Please don't hesitate to let us know if you find a Bug or a missing feature.