Here is the developer User Guide. You will learn how to extend all aspects of NwaySP.

Developping on NwaySP

After installing NwaySP you will need to create services, to do so you can check out how at this page

Creating services is not a hard task, but the main difficulty is to maintain them. To do so, we recommend you to use maven and some good and rock solid coding practices.

After creating your sets of services, you need to deploy them on a server. You can do it manually or directly write scripts to handle it automatically.

You can follow the execution of all your services by either running the Web Console or by digging into the logs.

Creation of Services

When you will declare services, you will need to know all the parameters that are required or that are available. For that you can go to Provided Elements to know all about provided Container, Service, InBound, OutBound and Components.